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More often than not, Thousand Cats will meet at the founders' apartment. Locations do vary from time to time, and on those occasions, announcements will be made via the LiveJournal ThousandCats community and via email for those not on LJ or for those who need extra reminding.

What you need to know about the meeting location

  • It's a small, but comfortable basement apartment. We managed to fit 9 people in the living room for our Samhain ritual, so it's not totally impossible to have a few people over. Plus, we are not limited to the living room: we've managed to have a couple of TC meetings in the bedroom (futon conveniently turns into a couch), so if 9 people show up with projects to work on, it will be cozy, but there WILL be enough room!

  • We have a medium-sized, long-haired, white dog who sheds a lot. Do not expect your blacks to stay black.

  • We have 4 cats, so if you have allergies, be aware. We have Allegra 12 and Allegra D if you forgot yours and need something.

  • Children are definitely welcome, but know that our apt. is not toddler-proof, so please keep an eye on your little one. All our animals are child-friendly.