On January 8, 2004, the cats got together for a little mask-making fun.

Here are a few photos:

Nikos was guinea pig number one.

The bag went on first, to protect hair. Then Lynna smeared petroleum jelly all over his face and on the bag. After he was properly greased up, she wet down plaster strips and stuck them on his face and head, making sure to put 2-3 layers on. In this photo, Nikos is just hanging out, waiting for the plaster strips to dry.

Wow. Look! I've got a bag on my head. This makes me deliriously happy. And no, much as one might think, I'm not stoned.

Lynna takes a picture of me taking a picture of Nikos. Kiska's getting fresh.

My turn in the hotseat. Moogie did an excellent job making sure there were no bubbles under the plaster strips. She also did an excellent job restraining herself from sealing up my breathing holes. Thank you, Moogie!

I got bored just sitting there, trying my damnedest not to laugh and failing miserably. The mold of my face looks like I've got a perma-smile going, which is somehow appropriate for me. Anyhow, I decided I should try to take pictures of myself when I couldn't see what the hell I was doing. Nikos positioned the camera for the first shot. This is the second shot. They got progressively worse after that, so I thought I'd spare you.

My back started to hurt, so I asked if I could sit up. My mask was nearly dry at that point, so it was ok. Then I started participating in the conversation as only a mute Italian can -- with my hands.

I think Nikos is watching me take my mask off. Moogie is hanging out in the background waiting to be guinea pig number three.

Free at last! And Oh So Greasy! I look like some medieval peasant after a hard day's labour in the hot sun.

Ok, it is nearly impossible for me not to write something euphemistic here -- this picture is just screaming for it. But I will refrain and say only that Nikos is putting petroleum jelly on Moogie's face.

Slick Moogie Gets Plastered!

After each mask is fully dried and freed from our faces, Lynna seals up the nose area and evens out the edges.

The next step will be to fill all the face molds with plaster of Paris, and let that set. Once that is done, then we can start working with the Plasticine, building up what we want our masks to look like, greasing up the outside and then cover the design with papier mâché. That'll be next session.